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  1. page Pulling your weight, or how not to suck at nightmare edited WIP Pulling your weight, or how to not suck at Nightmare. Originally written by Ducklord, this …
    Pulling your weight, or how to not suck at Nightmare.
    Originally written by Ducklord, this is an updated (and thus more modern) guide to pulling your weight in a high level game of Swat: Aftermath.
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  2. page Pulling your weight, or how not to suck at nightmare edited Pulling your weight, or how to not suck at Nightmare. Originally written by Ducklord, this is an …
    Pulling your weight, or how to not suck at Nightmare.
    Originally written by Ducklord, this is an updated (and thus more modern) guide to pulling your weight in a high level game of Swat: Aftermath.
    Games today can be broken up in to two categories: The public games where new players start, and the private games that are usually always Nightmare (NM) or higher. Over the Swat's history, only a few changes have been made to the rank progresson system, but one of the most recent ones is also one of the most important ones - The vastly increased rate at which you earn rank EXP (Rank 11 can be done in two games - A fast solo PIN and a fast solo normal, or a solo PIN and two solo normals). This leads to the phenomenon of being Rank 11 from a Perfect Insane (PIN), but not necessarily knowing all the skills you need to have learned in order to be ready for NM. This guide aims to teach vital skills that may have been missed throughout the modern process of ranking up heroes.
    This guide will be broken up into two general parts.
    Part 1: General skills
    Part 2: Team play
    Part 1: General skills.
    What are general skills? The things that I'm going to cover here are the skills that relate to every class in almost every situation or team composition. It will cover skills/traits/talents, the mob, general positioning, and item usage.
    The first part of any SWAT game is to choose your hero and build. For NM+, the general philosophy is that if your hero is in the group, you will want HEAVY armor. As game difficulty increases, many aspects of the game become "harder", but one of the more obvious differences from Insane to NM is that mob is
    - faster, so the benefit of outrunning mob in light armor is diminished (I will discuss sprint later)
    - hits harder, so having heavier armor servers you better to take stray hits.
    - has more abilities active (Much more rad walkers in NM than in Insane, leading to rad bolts that cannot be dodged once they are targeted, mini-bosses, zombies are more likely to cast skills (bloodlust), passive radiation damage from high rads early game)
    - Nemesis, his stun, and destroying light armor heroes in very few shots
    All of the above changes will lead to your class in general taking much more damage. Light armor simply cannot handle all the increased damage early game, and you will likely be a handicap to your team if you are constantly in need of healing and mana.
    In addition, the group can only move at the speed of its slowest member - Given that most people will be in heavy armor, light armor does not allow you to stray that far from the group. While sprint may be useful for short scouting, the number of things that can kill you through sprint in NM (rad bolts, TNT, boss stuns) simply make light armor much less viable for group heroes who do not need the extra move speed.
    Traits: You can read up on what each trait does in it's own page [] This section covers how to use your trait to its fullest.
    You have increased health regen. This is one of the go-to traits for a tank (With Acrobat and Energizer), as it allows the tank to use his vest without fear of head injuries, as well as providing extra health for TNT protection and being able to tank longer without a heal. One of the key points of survivalist is that you can use vests regardless of int, so if you see that CV3 and nobody has priority of it over you, ask for it!
    Also, Survivalist heroes can put kevlar helmets on other heroes - Tank first, then people who are most likely to take damage (Heroes who stand near the front, like Mav's tanking w/ mecha, watchmen, alice, medics). Survivalist heroes can also survive hits that would otherwise kill them to a limit extent, this can be useful if you are forced to tank a nuke from nem with low nans.
    You can cure injuries with bandages, please carry them! Also, you can hold stacks of revives - Even if there is a Watchman in the game for his nurse, try to carry a 2-3 stack of revives (avoid 8, it costs money and most likely will not be needed) for nem as a backup if things go south - They can go in your locker to avoid taking up space.
    Your dotes fully heal zombies and convert them 33% faster - You should be the person doing primary (using the antidote on a zombie, as opposed to an unconverted civilian) doting! This allows you to dote low-HP mob earlier (Especially helpful for the first APC, as full health civs need less healing from the passive radiation damage). Note - The 33% faster conversion allows a Healer to be the *only* class who can successfully dote mob after the "APC will leave in 60 seconds" message appears, so if you are healer, keep doting!
    Chem. Reliant:
    You can use 6 drugs with no penalty (Wobble on the 6th indicating penalty on the 7th), and each drug lasts 10 minutes. Pop those speeds if you have spares, you can use 4 speeds before they start to have diminshing returns, and 4 speeds is 80% extra attack speed - The this is more than a regular stim pack worth of attack speed!
    Rad Resist:
    Remember to scan often, so the short-range scouts can go out and clear close rads. Also make sure the solo knows you are RR, so they can ask for scans to get the last rads.
    You can stack bats to stacks of 5 - Make sure to use this! Also, you can request 12 stacks of dotes (remember to put a slight delay between each request to get 12) from the lab, this is extremely useful for the first APC where you may only have two or three stacks of dotes to do the APC with. You can also recharge stim packs to stacks of 4, and the increased int allows you to use regular stims out of the bunker - If you have the extra mana, keep the stims charged and ready to go!
    You can see through walls with hold position, and remember to use hold position while camping to see cloaked threats (blue dogs) that might come in during this time.
    Pack rat:
    Remember to keep your rat on cooldown, and you can also store your pouch in here. Especially important for solo heroes - Checking the contents of your pouch while it is in your inventory will break your cloak. Checking the contents of your pouch while it is in your backpack will not. Batteries in general should be stored here, although you will not be able to manually use them until you move them back into your regular inventory first - This can be important if you need to use a skill that costs more than 250 mana such as Revive on the medic, as you will need to manually use batteries first to obtain 500 mana. Also, the decreased locker cooldown means you should clear items if the group is in a rush, as you are best able to sort them out later.
    150 int -> 133 int
    135 int -> 123 int
    120 int -> 114 int
    115 int -> 110 int
    The above is the table for discounted int item usage. Remember - you must have the BASE int of an item to be able to duplicate items. Duplicating items that the group will often only have one of (the Recall, FR, Riot) can be extremely useful, as well as duplicating MFGs for mana intensive classes. Remember to combine items as well, this effectively gives you a free item slot, although be careful not to combine an item that someone else may need (If the group only has a single CV2, that should probably go the borg, not fused with a plus for yourself)
    Specs: You can read up on what each spec does on its own page []
    This section covers how to use specs to their fullest.
    If someone in the group is using bandages, ask for bandages so you can make 48-stacks of bandages for increased healing. Your dotes never fail to convert civs (unless DTNT, which always explode when doted), so if there is no healer in group, you should be the one doing primary doting. Bandages will also fully heal people from critical health, so you can be a secondary healer if your class has the int. Also, your bandages do not cause the "recently bandaged" status, allowing you to easily cure injuries with healer, or allow you to heal people better because you don't have the recently bandaged penalty.
    Although chemistry reduces the EXP penalty for overdosing, you still should try to avoid it unless needed.
    Using 1/3 of a drug for each dose may seem like a small benefit, but this allows a little to go a long way - Get scratched? pop a third of a buffout for a heal. Need to use an item? A single mentat gives you three boosts of +15, allowing you three uses of that high int item if you need it. Camping? You can pop 3 doses of speed for only a single drug for that +60% attack speed.
    You also get +10 int for using stims, and 33% better self-applied stims. For high-regen classes (Demo, WM), this can be an excuse to spam normal stims on yourself, as each stim will last 27 seconds and provide a 100% boost in attack speed, which is a very powerful boost for only 600 mana every 90 seconds or so.
    Remember to hotkey your robo. If it moves out of your vision, you cannot select it unless you have it bound to a key. If there are multiple Robos in the group, ask other people what their robo is on so you don't duplicate auras.
    Sniper: Your movement speed is increased while sneaking. So use sneak.
    Light: 0.5 eps
    Medium: 1 eps
    Heavy: 2 eps
    On a heavy hero, you lose a third of your regen by taking espionage! This is extremely important, even more so than the -1 nans, as this is more often what gets heavy-espi heroes killed early game - the lack of mana, not the -1 nans.
    Talents: You can read up on what each spec does on its own page []
    This section covers how to use Talents to their fullest.
    On average, most items will yield less than if you sold them to an ABM, so unless you really need that early money (by hacking stims for a recall or what have you), try to save items for selling to an ABM. Some items such as fungals will NEVER hack for more money than they sell at an ABM, so once again avoid hacking them unless you need the money.
    If you pass an ABM, hack it! It's free money!
    Gives a 35% chance for a valor point on level up. Useful on solo heroes who don't have better things to take (Wiring and spotting on solo Alice is meh, courage is always useful for the extra team valor)
    Mob Differences:
    Due to the generally higher radiation in NM (You will easily be in the 40-60 bracket for the first 5-10 minutes, and can easily go into 60-80 on a horror spawn or killing an early rad room) mob will have their abilities active, which makes them much more dangerous. Zombies have phase, heal, and bloodlust active, and will constantly spam them, and faster mob can easily chase down a group. Gargs with mana can web critically injured heroes, Beasts (Ghouls) will teleport more often, and spawn more beastlings on death. Mutants gain an armor boost in the 40-60 bracket, which makes killing them with flamethrowers/gat laser/chainguns/rockets even more painful, and they gain a damage boost in the 60-80 bracket (they get more boosts in 80-100, but if you are in that bracket, its either cause a bad horror sleep or you are about to wipe anyway, so I won't cover it). The damage boost is _extremely_ potent, as early mutants with the bonus can easily hit 1k to 1.5k damage, and charred mutants (see minibosses) can hit over 2k. This is higher than the damage of the first boss. Do not let them hit you in the 60-80 bracket if you can avoid it. If you are the tank, be aware that the damage can be extremely high, and combined with bash, can easily kill you before you can move or use FF.
    Mini-bosses: Note - Only charred mutants can be killed with slay, the rest only take 80% damage and incur a heavy cooldown penalty
    The STNT is a zombie with ~2.5k health, high regen, flame bonus (+damage and cleave), 50 armor, and DTNT explode effect on death. Priority to be frozen, and do not stand next to it when it explodes. They can be rotted away, but this only delays when you need to kill them.
    Charred mutant:
    The Charred mutant is a mutant that can takes roughly as much damage as a normal mutant, but has multiple lives, increased speed, and revenge AI. Slays and microwave will kill these instantly. If you are the solo and there is a psy in the group, its worth pointing out charred mutants that you see for the psy to slay them at range. Pyros need to microwave mutants to prevent them from reviving.
    The multiple lives combined with revenge AI is what makes charred mutants dangerous. The freeze-ray debuff is one of the few debuffs that lasts through its lives, also making them a priority to be frozen. Revenge AI means that if you kill them, it will turn and target you. If you are especially squishy, try to avoid killing the charred.
    The Sgarg is a rad garg with a larger model, increased health, armor, and regen, grotlings on death, and toxins effect. The toxins slow heroes down, which can make it especially dangerous to heroes lagging behind. On death, it produces grotlings (for another rad spike) unless frozen or killed with microwave, so freeze it or pop it with microwave when it is low health.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a flying unit, and as such, the Mecha cannot draw agro to it. A different unit will need to tank the Sgarg. If you have the most nans in the group or if you are a Techie with a CPU, step up!
    Blue dog (BD):
    The blue dog is a dog with increased armor and regeneration, invisibility, and a chain lightning attack. The chain lightning can devastate a weak group, so if you are the tank, this is a unit you should try and kite if possible. This is a priority to be frozen to reduce how many attacks it can get in the group. One way to kill them is to freeze them and then rot them (so the passive freeze-ray damage kills them while they run away from the mind-rot).
    The hooker is a beast (ghoul) with +25 armor, a self-stim, and a multiple hooks (similar to how Pudge works in DotA). The hook drags the beast to you (likely dragging you through mob), stuns you, then stims itself and attacks you. If you get hooked, IMMEDIATELY SPRINT if you are low on energy or have low nans to avoid being killed outright. Sprint lasts longer than stun, so this will give you a chance to get away. If you can tank the beating, then tank it, but immediately sprint out afterwards. A borg can phero mob/pop force field on himself if needed to drag mob off the group or to prevent dying. While you are being dragged towards the beast, you can still use abilities, and sprint is a great thing to have if you are fragile.
    Abom: There are THREE abom variations in NM, as opposed to the regular one in Insane.
    Regular abom: This looks like the abom for insane, and mostly is. On death, it spawns spiders, and leaves a body with fumes. DO NOT WALK THROUGH FUMES. The fumes do 50 damage per second to your health, and lasts for a few seconds (5-6?) after you leave the fumes. If you for some reason walk through fumes, you will notice 1) People shouting at you to move, and 2) notice your health rapidly drop to zero. Dying in fumes also means you cannot be revived without considerable effort, as the movement speed penalty of res sickness likely means you will just die again, and the reviver should be focused on healing themselves, instead of you.
    TNT Abom: Tinted red in color, this abom explodes on death for a large amount of damage. The damage scales over time, and decreases with distance - You can survive an outer hitbox pop with like 14 nans and full E, but don't try it. Spawns innards on death. If there is a freeze-ray, this should be frozen when low on health, and then have the tank pull off. If no freeze-ray, Alice can kinetic shield the tank to take the pop or she can tank the pop herself (she is immune to the pop damage). If no Alice, a Techie CPU can tank it without taking *that* much damage (have armor for best chance of success, no point in surviving the pop only to get wrecked by innards) If neither of these two are available, a borg can use force field. Failing that, pull off the boss when it is low health and bounce it between heroes until it explodes. Spawns innards on death, so have spells ready to kill them. A borg with double scap can tank the pop and only burn a small amount of energy.
    Yellow Abom: Tinted yellow in color, this spawns during nem (and is the only abom type to spawn during nem). On death, it produces fireflies. If you are a sniper or other single target DPS class (But especially snipers), SHOOT THIS FIRST during nem. It does a good deal of damage, and snipers can get the higher multiplier (2k crits) against this.
    SM: SM gains phase (becomes untargetable), a more relevant piss off, Super smash, and pound.
    Phase: He becomes untargetable. He can still be body-blocked.
    Piss off: If you deal more than 1k damage, he gains evasion, armor boost, and regens health. Sniper rifles do not shoot him when he is under 1/3 health. Sniper mavs with low crit and watchmen need to watch their damage if the SM has been hit by pyro rockets. The Kami will not piss off an SM.
    Super smash: A strong-ish punch that stuns, likely followed up by his regular attack. He may attempt to cast this on the first person who shoots him. If you cannot take the smash, PLEASE do not be the first to shoot him. If you can take the smash, stand your ground or move up and take it - Many games are wiped because someone was targeting for the smash and insisted on dragging the SM into the group / past the APC / into the tor or whatever. A borg who is stunned can still _release_ phero, but not charge it, to regain agro while stunned.
    Concussive pound: Does a war-stomp-esque attack, disables the heroes abilities, including the ability to shoot. If the tank is pounded, stop shooting so the tank gains agro by proximity, or have an off-tank ready. Tank can still body-block during this.
    Horror: Horror gains a buffed second blackout when he is on low health.
    When the horror spawns, he will likely sleep the entire group. A fast mav/demo/watchman/borg can nade/mirv/rocket themselves during the spawn (if screen becomes green with boss alarm) to wake themselves instantly, but this is easy to mistime.
    If you are low on energy or have low nans, DO NOT SHOOT. The horror can easily one shot low health/mana heroes with rad bolt (800 damage)
    The second sleep causes all zombies near him to become rad walkers. Once these are killed, their rads will HEAL the horror, so kill the horror first, then kill the rads. A bad sleep that produces 20 walkers can spike the rads well past 100 if you accidentally kill the dropped rads as well (due to fragments), and this can easily wipe the group due to harder mob and healed horror if you aren't careful.
    Sludge: Has entangle, impale.
    Impale: Generally, the first hit from a horror will be a stun (the impale). If you are a borg, have phero ready so you can take the impale, then pop phero to regain agro. If no borg, have another unit take the stun so the main tank can take most of the damage.
    Entangle: Stay moving when it burrows. If you get rooted and you cannot take the damage, then sprint out of there. Tank, if you need to reposition, then do it fast, and allow yourself to take the majority of the tentacles. DPS classes should focus on shooting tentacles off of squishy heroes.
    In NM+, more of the top secrets come out. While in Insane you may only see the Shield Capacitor (scap) be used, in NM the Riot Shield and Freeze ray come out to play.
    Riot Shield:
    Gives 10 armor to the user, 10 armor to the recipient, and frontal injury immunity. Used on the tanking units, because you will be forced to eat TNTs when the agro drop associated with moving would get the group killed.
    Freeze Ray:
    One of the most powerful items in the game when used correctly, a mediocre item at best if not. The Freeze Ray (FRay) requires 115 int to use, and costs 250 mana to be used. However, there is a 3 mana refund for each int above 115 you have, scaling to -150 mana at 165 int (100 mana per cast). The moderately high mana usage means that this item tends to go on heroes with reasonably high regen, generally a demo. However, as the demo has become less common in games, a watchman, psy, tech, or even a mav with enough int can be a fray holder.
    What the fray does:
    - On non-boss units, it decreases the health of the target at 1% per second (freeze + rot + some damage is an easy kill on a blue dog)
    - Removes buffs from the target (Zombie bloodlust, Umb stim, Nem Stim/pep talk/adren)
    - Slows the target: There are two effects here. There is the frozen status which does the damage, and the chilled status which has the slow. The chilled status is an AoE, so people standing too close will also be slowed.
    - Prevents special abilities: Charred mutants lose livers, SGarg doesn't spawn grotlings, Beasts don't spawn beastlings, Rad walkers lose their mana and cannot rad bolt, Commies can't revive as easily and it hampers their ability to dodge ion/xnade, the list goes on and on).
    While these are some of just the "standard" uses of the fray (most commonly to remove nem buffs, sgarg spawning, charred mutant slow), in practice this translates to:
    - Reduce tank damage (although it lasts only a moment on bosses, it slows boss attack speed slightly, reducing boss DPS on the tank).
    - Allow tank to reposition: Slowing boss movement allows tank to reposition easier without losing ground.
    - Priority control: Frozen TNT/DTNT gives priority guns more time to shoot them before they reach the group.
    Given the versatility of the freeze ray however, it's value is really only limited by your mana and how creative you are with it.
    - Saving teammates: Low HP teammate being chased by zombies? Freeze it.
    - Mob movement control: Zombies in front of a boss chasing down group? Freeze the mob in front, they bunch up and slow the mob down.
    - Rad walker about to wreck that guy with low nans? Freeze him and he can't cast rad bolt.
    - Blue dog rotted and running away? Freeze him so he dies to the passive damage.
    - Nem nuking and there's a Nem-mini about to run out of nuke range? Freeze it so it eats the nuke.
    The list goes on...
    Part 2 Team Play:
    Of course, being able to play YOUR hero well doesn't exactly mean your group will succeed. This section attempts to cover how to be a contributing member of the group. This will be broken up into sections by roles.

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  1. page Specialization edited ... This is a powerful specialization if it's taken full advantage of. Because the robot ally is i…
    This is a powerful specialization if it's taken full advantage of. Because the robot ally is invulnerable, he should always be standing as close to the action as possible so his vulnerability scanner (-1 armor aura) can be put to the most use. Otherwise, keep the robot close to any robotic units in the group such as robodogs and mini2s. If you simply have the robot follow on your hero, you are probably not using this to its full effect.
    Pet Robot
    Covert Sniper
    Field Medic

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    Bear CubCub
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