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Common Debuffs
Drug Use Experience Penalties
Mini-Droid MkII - Levels
Radioactive Fallout Meter
Talents - Hacking - Auctioning Items
Talents - Hacking - Confiscating Credits


The first SWAT game I created was really me learning how to use the war3 engine editor. It was a fun little game, but not necessarily that well balanced, and Blizzard patches have subsequently broken a lot of it. However, from there, I started working on the second SWAT game in the summer of 2004. That project turned into a massive endeavor which is still being developed. There exist many official releases of SWAT: Aftermath which I am perfectly happy to call "finished products," but that doesn't mean I have truely finished the project yet. It is still my intention to eventually release the elusive "2.0" which will finally contain the vast majority of all the features I have long planned for SWAT.

I am employed full-time as a software engineer. I work on SWAT in my spare time.