On the SWAT website, there is a place to post replays so that others can watch your games. If you upload a replay to the site, you should also post a link to it in the most recent replays thread of the swat forums. You might be interested in doing this to share a particularly successful game, ask for help/critique of your gameplay, or show a potential bug.

How to go about posting a replay:
  1. Make sure your replay's file name is not lastreplay.w3g. If you didn't do this when you saved the replay, make sure to change the filename before continuing.
  2. Go to the Replay page on the official SWAT site.
  3. Click the "Choose File" button and select the replay you want to upload (C:\program files\warcraft III\replay\yourgamename.w3g).
  4. After choosing the file, press upload.
  5. Copy the link it gives you.
  6. Go to the SWAT forums .
  7. Find the most recent replays thread and hit "add reply."
  8. Paste the link to your replay and comments on your game. This should include the players' names and classes, as well as the length of the game and atmes. Additional commentary is welcome, including your own observations or questions. An example is provided below. Class smileys are available on the forums.
 :cd: dustdoram - Laser Rifle, FC Cells Spotting
 141 minutes - Aegis Vest and Solar Battery
 Decided not to use or sell LADS, sold 2/4 HAZ and didn't do any extra civs.
 Had more than enough money the entire game.
 Took advantage of movement speed to space out the Nem fight and barely encountered any mob.