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This area is to show all the Guides created by the players of SWAT. There will be eventually be an abundance of information here.
If you create a guide for any area on this Wiki, make a new page for it and put a link to it on this page like the example SWAT Guide Version 1.0 is and anywhere else on the site that is relevant.

General Guides

SWAT Guide Version 1.0
Note that this guide is extremely outdated, but still provides an insight into some mechanics of SWAT that are not mentioned anywhere else. Even with four years worth of changes, this guide is still a must-read for any avid player.
Written by trihero
Updated: 5 September 2005

Nightmare Preparation
- Originally a forum post, this guide explains how players can prepare for the rigors of Nightmare.
Written by ong_elvin
Updated: 22 May 2009

Swatting like a Champ (blank terrain map)
- A Circulation Route Guide -
Written by Demented_SCV
Updated: 29 March 2006

Limey's Guide to Leading the Way
- A Guide on leading in games and an in-depth description of game basics
Written by LimeyMan
Updated: 10 November 2008
Work In Progress

Written by Slayer77777
Updated 30 May 2007

Pulling Your Weight
- A Guide to not Playing like a noob -
Written by Ducklord
Updated: 11 December 2007

FerventPower's Guide to making a balanced class call
- A Guide for forming a well balanced team -
Written by FerventPower
Updated: 31 October 2011

Aspects of a Class Call
- A Guide for forming a well balanced team -
Written by TehDudeAbides
Updated: 30 June 2009

How to make a proper class call
- A Guide for forming a well balanced team -
Written by hPnotiQ
Updated: 29 December 2007

- A Guide about the extremely important mechanics of camping.
Written by MinorFatality aka xRussiAn.MafiAx
Updated: 19 August 2008

Advanced Pathing and Tactics
- A guide to advanced ideas at leading and playing
Written by capn_koala aka WesMantooth
Updated: May, 2009

What do you want?
- A guide to being the quartermaster
Written by FerventPower
Updated: 30 October 2011

Class Guides

Burn Baby, Burn!
- A Guide on the Pyrotechnician class
Written by Darc
Updated: 19 September 2006

Blowing Stuff Up 101
- A Guide to Demolition -
Written by Darc
Updated: 11 October 2006

Heavy Ordinance Guide
Written by Kao
Updated: 11 October 2006

Mind Tricks
- A Psychologist Guide -
Written by Vn70072
Updated: 6 March 2007

101 Guide to Maverick
- Ultimate in Versatility -
Written by i3attlei3lade
Updated: 18 September 2006

Quick! I need Healing!
- A Guide to Medic -
Written by limaster08
Updated: 6 June 2009

I'll Be Back
- How to play the watchman in his various roles -
Written by FerventPower
Updated: 31 October 2011