This is a PM is a response I got from redscull regarding the wiki.

"There is a very specific reason why I don't link the wiki more prominently: it sucks.

When TyWizard first started the wiki long ago, he asked me to link to it more prominantly/officially. But the wiki has so much outdated information, so much blatantly wrong information (distinguished from outdated because it was never in fact accurate), so poor of a layout, etc, etc, that I do not feel comfortable officially endorsing it. It doesn't have same level of quality as the game does or the game's official website.

It needs to completely and entirely avoid listing stats on stuff. Any data that exists on the official site, it should not list. When it lists abilities, it should link to the official site for the numbers, and the wiki should focus on analysis of abilities: when to get them, how to effectively use them, builds, etc. It should list strategies. Describing techniques for surviving certain things or accomplishing certain things would be useful.

It can list data on more internal mechanics, like a more elaborate STIT, but even that I don't think is entirely appropriate because it so easily becomes outdated. It should list the mobs and describe how to deal with them in depth. It kind of does that now, but it needs some clean and better overall website utilization (like interlinking and such).

Even the main page of the wiki is horrible. It is 100% useless and scares off anyone who happens to go there. They have to have the personal persistence to decide to search for something to have any hope of getting use out of the wiki. The main page should be inviting. it should feel alive and fresh and useful. It should have clear and prominate links to the most common topics a person might have visited the wiki to look for. The welcome page should accomodote new people because they are the ones that need the most encouragement to stay on the site. A new person goes to the wiki to find help, not to immediately be told he needs to join to help write a big list of articles that are incomplete. Nor does he care to see a loading screen that he's probably stared out for more hours of his life that'd he'd want to admit.

I know that was long-winded. Sorry. I don't expect you to take on the task of fixing the wiki, but until it's "good," I'm just not going to endorse it more than I already do." ~ redscull

I'm starting a campaign to revamp the wiki. I want it to meet these standards so that we can get the wiki back into the community and be useful. I'm going to start by removing all numerical information and linking directly to the main web page. Feel free to contact me about what needs doing if you're interested. From now on the wiki will focus on strategies and tactics. Numbers will only be used where they are relevant to the tactics. Hopefully, this will be something worthwhile now.

Follow up:
I've been keeping an eye on it.

What do you think are its most valuable aspects, currently? If someone were to visit it, do you think they'd find the info they were looking for, and do you think that info would be accurate or out of date?

I think some of the main things I'm looking for are an excellent beasitary as well as small and simple explanations of things like uber in the game and how it scales in general, good pathing techniques, the criticals roles to cover and who can cover them and how well. Things like that. Some of that might be there already.

I think the real concern is that people who need help just don't bother looking for help. It'll probably always be the case that people blindly ask on the forums and have to be linked to the wiki. I would ask that you/etc start inlcuding the
Wiki Link
Wiki Link
smiley next to wiki links to help make it more eye-catching and memorable. It's as easy as just typing : w i k i : (minus the spaces) to show it.
(emphasis added)

You're also welcome to make a better logo icon for the swat wiki if you want. I use that little plant cuase that's that wiki site's logo, but it really has no meaning." ~ redscull

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