Every hero gets to choose a Trait upon creation. These traits are extremely important to how a class is played. Bonus is worth 5 skill points
A list of traits can be found on the Official Swat site.
Technical information regarding some traits can be found on the Official Swat forum.

external image trait-skilled.jpgSkilled

Skilled enables you to buy the Skillz implant from the lab twice.

Usage: All Classes
Skilled works well for characters that rely on having all of their skills learned quickly. Because Skilled characters need to spend 1 point less on each trainable ability, they have more skill points available to further upgrade their abilities. Provided that the player intended to place at least point in each ability, this effectively amounts to free distribution of five skill points later in the game. Skilled is often compared with Swift Learner.

Nearly all classes can use this ability very well as it is effectively having leveled up 5 levels. This trait works well if you like to spread out your points to many skills. If you instead like to really focus on 1 skill and not another, this may not be the best trait. It is also worth knowing this: Psychologists that respecialize while having this trait will always leave level 1 of each skill up. So you can't use those 3 points you get from the trait and respec them into one skill. Also Tacticians should be wary of this trait because it forces level 1 Weakpoint. You should not have two tacticians with weakpoint in a normal game, so being Skilled will force you to be the one who gets weakpoint.

It is a base trait that I use to balance the other traits. ~ redscull

external image trait-gifted.jpgGifted


Usage: Low intelligence heroes, slow heroes, kiting heroes. Covert sniper, Cyborg, Tact (with only 8 endurance).
Gifted works well for characters that like an extra boost to their stats. Although having 5 extra vitality and agility may not make much of a difference, having 5 extra intelligence can put some of the more advanced items within reach for the less intelligent classes. The move speed is also useful for a helping a heavily-armored character keep up with the team.

Low intelligence heroes will find the boost of 5 intelligence very useful, allowing immediate use of items that would otherwise require an amount of time to use if you wait to gain the int by leveling up. Slower heroes that use medium or heavy armor will find the extra movement speed useful.
The Covert Sniper will find the the intelligence boost and movement speed both useful, Covert Snipers that solo will want to move around faster and also be able to use items immediately that would normally not be used until later in the game, such items are Claymore and Micro-Fusion Generator.
The extra move speed allows the Cyborg to take fewer hits while kiting and to scout and return to the group faster. The extra 5 intelligence will allow the Cyborg to equip a shield capacitor, mfg+s, and vests earlier. The reduced head injury penalty will help to allow the Cyborg to continue to use these superior items even with a concussion.

external image trait-survivalist.jpgSurvivalist

survivalist.jpg- See the STIT on Traits for additional specifics.
- Combat Vests of any Mark do not have intelligence requirements to integrate
- Picking up a Kevlar vest will not drop an integrated vest but picking up other vests will.
Cannot integrate Titan, Tesla or Aegis vests.

Usage: Tanking heroes, classes with lots of energy but no healing, Heavy Ordnance, Demolitions, Pyro
Survivalist works well for characters that rely on preserving life. The trait allows the character to take some extra hits without being impacted too much for it. Good for heroes that expect to take a couple of hits IE: Tanks.

The Heavy Ordnance and Demolitions classes do not have trouble sustaining energy levels, however each attack still deals a small amount of health damage. These classes can die even when their energy levels are high. The Survivalist trait gives them extra health allowing them to take more hits. Combat vest integration allows them to use combat vests that could normally not be worn. The chance to absorb blows is lost. As with all armor, the +armor from the vest synergizes well with the bonus hp and vitality (ex. 12 armor turns 50 hp and .5 hp/sec into 86 hp and .86 hp/sec). Integration also frees up the item slot where the Combat Vest was. Survivalist trait also reduces injuries by 85%, allowing the hero to take hits and not be injured frequently.

When paired with Cybernetics, this gives health-dependent tanks a 110 point increase to max hp helping them tank longer and with increased protection from TNTs. The pairing also gives a combination boost to health regen and movement speed while critical, helping tanks escape when close to death. Can also be used with the Toughness talent if it is available to the class for a 150 point boost to max hp.

Pyro who gain a few more vitality will find the high hitpoint regen while in critical enough to allow them to sustain level 1 overburn at the edge of critical health, but the low hitpoints tend to attract mob.

Hero becomes more resilient, surviving most damage when not in critical health. This allows a Survivalist hero to survive a "1-hit-KO" (double TNT, boss punch, rad bolt with low nans, etc.) dropping him to 25 hp instead of dying. This is very useful early game when nanites tend to be lower. This will not prevent death if the damage is high enough though. (Exact damage amount is not known.)

external image trait-dragoon.jpgDragoon


Usage: Gun-based damage dealing heroes, especially with other damage multipliers (crit, XCM, lockdown). Snipers, XCM borgs, Lockdown Demos, and most Mavericks.
Dragoon works well for characters that like a boost to attack damage and/or armor. While the defense boost is not significant as more specialised Traits, the extra firepower is useful for just about anything and the extra armor makes tanking much easier. The versatility about this trait is that it gives the ability for damage dealers to deal more damage and tanking heroes to do damage better.

Damage dealers include users of the Rocket,Sniper Rifle and Flamethrower weapons. Damage dealers will get the bonus of +2 max ammo + 17% more damage, increasing the damage the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle weapons can deal by a large amount. As an example, an unupgraded Flamethrower deals very little damage. However, a fully upgraded Dragoon Flamethrower can do 70% more damage than unupgraded non-Dragoon Flamethrower weapons.

Tanks will get the bonus of +1 effective level to nanites and 3 armor. This means you can reach level 20 nanites. On heavy characters, this represents a ~7% increase in tanking power, but no reduction in the percentage of damage absorbed. Another way this +1 effective level could be utilized is that it reduces the number of skill points needed to achieve L19, freeing up a skill point for other purposes. The 3 extra armor is good for tanking in that it reduces the health damage dealt to you.

Mavs who mutate dragoon should refresh their nanites to get the bonus level of nanites.

external image trait-acrobat.jpgAcrobat

accrobat.jpg Gives a 30% chance to avoid an attack. If your hero has Advanced Armor he gains a 33% chance to evade attack (such as Cyborg and Watchman). Sprint duration increased by 1 second and cooldown reduced by 10% for light and medium and 20% for heavy. (Evasion, Armour, and Tanking-related figures)

Usage: Tanking heroes
Acrobat works well for characters that find themselves in tight situations frequently. The bonus duration and cooldown of sprint let characters get out of rooms or away from zombies quickly, while the 30% chance to avoid incoming attacks increases the durability of the character. Characters receive 100% evasion when sprinting, making Acrobat an even better choice for survivability, especially on lighter armors. Keep in mind that an acrobat sprint is 7 seconds long and the delay on cloaking is 5 seconds.

Tanks with this trait have 30-33% evasion allowing them to take more hits, as some miss. As far as tanking traits go, this one provides the best tanking bonus in regards to energy consumption while taking hits to nanites from enemies. It also provides additional protection against health loss and injuries. However, it provides no protection from splash damage, targeted or AoE abilities, or TNT explosions.

Heroes that like to run can sprint more often and longer. A light-armored Acrobat will be able to sprint 2/5 of the time while a light-armored non-Acrobat will only sprint for 1/3 of the time.

This trait stacks with other evasion bonuses. Acrobat (30%) combined with level 8 Plasma Shield (60%) yields 72% total evasion. Acrobat (33%) combined with level 8 Organic Replacements (40%) yields net 60% evasion. Acrobat (33%) combined with level 4 Deflective Armor (29%) gives 53% evasion. The reason for this odd stacking is because of the statistics of independent events. The combined chance to dodge will occur when either chance to dodge is successful. This is the complement of the when neither chance to dodge is successful, so if you know the chance of neither dodge being successful, you will know your combined evasion. Taking the Cyborg as an example the chance of the Acrobat failing to dodge is .66. The chance of organics failing to dodge is .60. Because they are independent, the probability of both failing to dodge at the same time is .66*.60 = .4. This is the chance that both dodge will fail, or put in other terms, there is a 40% chance that the cyborg will get hit. If there is a 40% chance that he will get hit, then there is a 60% chance that he will not get hit (i.e. dodge). This is how the 33% chance to dodge from Acrobat combined with the 40% chance to dodge from Organic Replacements yields a 60% chance to dodge and not a 73% chance.

external image trait-swift.jpgSwift Learner

swiftlearn.jpgRez sickness exp. reduction is reduced to 30%.
Hero contributes up to 25% less uber. More heroes using this trait will diminish uber reduction.
Bonus is 150% experience during epic levels.
Bonus experience for objectives is divided among all swift learners.
Usage: Medic, Tactician, Demolitions, Psychologist, Maverick
Swift Learner works well for characters that rely on having trainable abilities leveled up relatively quickly. Despite its similarities, the approach to using this trait differs significantly from Skilled. While Skilled forces the character to use one of the five bonus skill points on each of the trainable abilities, Swift Learner allows the character to distribute the skill points in any way the user chooses. Skilled increases the total number of acquirable skill points, while Swift Learner earns you the same number of points faster. Swift Learner is also good for gaining level bonuses and stat bonuses faster.

The Psychologist has a rank bonus giving him bonus exp, combined with this he can gain fast levels but not contribute as much "uber" as the other heroes as his rank bonus will put him levels above others. The Maverick is a class which needs a lot of skill points and Swift Learner would allow the Maverick to level up faster, letting him gain the skill points he needs quicker, with more points available to put into his dog. This also gives his dog many points sooner, making the dog more effective.

external image trait-healer.jpgHealer

healre.jpg Revive items held in a hero's inventory will auto-use upon death, refilling health and preventing any death penalties.
Revive items may be stacked to 8.

Usage: Tactician, Psychologist, Medic
Healer works well for characters that like to be able to have healing and reviving capabilities, regardless of the class. Characters using this trait can use bandages extremely effectively. This is also particularly helpful when antidoting zombies.

Apart from the medic, the Psychologist and Tactician have the highest int in the game, Healer trait would allow them to become a second healer, their naturally high intelligence allowing for optimal bandage usage and injury removal as well as being able to use the revive item regardless of the INT requirement. This can also be useful on a Medic if he needs to conserve energy or finds that his team routinely gets injuries faster than he can fix them with Rapid Therapy. Pair with Triage for the ultimate bandage usage.

external image trait-flower.jpgFlower Child

flowerchild.jpgReduces the effectiveness of stims by 33% in duration, attack speed effect and move speed effect.

Usage: Characters able to use all three drugs well - Cyborg, Sniper, Pyro, Demo, Heavy Ordnance, Maverick, Watchman
Flower Child works well for characters that like to have short-term boosts to stats. While these characters are reliant on drugs to take advantage of this trait, the actual benefit is considerably greater than that of other traits. Considering the advantages that this trait provides (healing, injury removal, increased attack speed, move speed and high intelligence), it is permits a hero to be very self-sufficient.

With Flower Child, Buffout heals injuries and gives +4 hp per second regeneration, this is good for tanking heroes as it helps them to stay alive while taking hits, they can also remove injuries they may get. Extremely useful while carrying hazmat (1 buffout nearly breaks even with hazmat's -4.5 hp per second).
Speed gives a major increase to attack speed and gives movement speed, this may be good for heavy armored heroes that may want to move faster or hybrid tanks that want to deal a reasonable amount of damage as well as tanking.
Mentats give instant access to all items with flower child. Some items like the Assault Droid or Stim Packs don't need to be active all the time. Although the boost is very quick, 1 mentat will only need to be eaten, then the necessary items can be used. It also gives a small boost to exp gain which is good.
Pair with Chemistry to get the most out of your drugs.

external image trait-chem.jpgChem. Reliant

chemreli.jpgIncreases the Pill Pouch capacity of all heroes by 6 drugs.
Reduces penalty for excessive drug use.

Usage: Self-sufficient classes that work well using a few drugs - Pyro, Heavy Ordnance, Maverick
Chem. Reliant works well for characters that like to have constant boosts to stats. Because of the increased duration of drugs, it is possible to maintain intelligence greater than normal, putting advanced items within reach of the character, regardless of its class.
You can eat up to 5 drugs with no penalty and 6 with only a slight screen wobble. The experience gain penalty starts with the 7th drug taken.

With Chemically Reliant, only a few drugs allow the effects can be maintained for a long time. Heavy Ordinance heroes could use 1-2 buffouts to keep their health regeneration high and 1-2 mentats to keep their intelligence high. This will allows them to sustain themselves, requiring less healing from medics and being able to use higher int items. A Maverick that has Chemically Reliant has the opportunity to mutate Flower Child (or vice versa), thus giving it superior drug usability.

external image trait-rad.jpgRad. Resistant

radresistant.jpg- See the STIT page on Traits for additional specifics on this trait.
Usage: Tactician, Demolitions, or solo characters
Rad. Resistant works well for characters that do not rely on their traits. While the immunity to radiation damage and radiation bolts are considerable bonuses, the bulk of the bonuses do not affect the character specifically, but rather benefit the entire team.

Tacticians with this trait can scan for rads and ion the rads that are farthest from the team's path without relying on another character. This saves time, reducing the amount of work the team needs to do to complete the rad objective.
Demolitions with Rad. Resistant can counteract the negative effects of the Mini-Nuke ability they have, this allows the negative effects to disappear quicker allowing them to nuke more frequently if they wish without much harm.

external image trait-gadgeteer.jpgGadgeteer

Gadgeteer.jpgItem Stacking
Bandages = 30 (50 if paired with the Triage Specialization) (verification?)
Batteries = 5
Antidotes = 12 (There is a cooldown between 12 stack antidote requests, request them slowly to ensure they appear as 12 not 10)
Stim Packs (All stims except Psycho) = 4 when recharged
Usage: Low intelligence classes that are item dependant - Pyro, Heavy Ordnance, Maverick
Gadgeteer works well for characters that either depend on the use of advanced items, or those that rely on the use of consumables. With Gadgeteer, any hero, regardless of intelligence, can use relatively advanced items, and having increased stack sizes of consumables makes collecting consumables much easier.

This skill allows a character to use items they would not normally use as they would not have the required intelligence. Gadgeteer allows the hero to use those items. Some items include Combat Vests, Rapid Reloads, and top secret items. Gadgeteer allows Heavy Ordinance to fill batteries to stacks of 5.
You can pair with Medic so LAD drop both non-consumable and fused LAD parts upon death.

external image trait-prowler.jpgProwler

prowler.jpgHolding position for a moment will cast a flare like ability around your hero until 3 seconds after you moved.

Usage: Long ranged or scouting classes - Cyborg, Demo, Maverick, Watchman. Also teams without a group sniper, psy, or pyro for vision
Prowler works well for characters that like to have bonuses to firepower and movement speed for roughly half of the game. Team strategy can be modified to take advantage of this trait. Also, the bonus sight range helps the team greatly, giving them day-time vision at night.

Long ranged classes will benefit in the fact that because of the range of their weapons, their sight range is increased and this will allow them to maintain the maximum distance possible to see and shoot. The Rocket Launcher and Sniper rifle are also the main damage dealing weapons with Rocket Launchers doing a major proportion of splash damage to the general mob while Sniper Rifles dealing major damage to priority and bosses, the increased Agility bonus will help them maintain their attack speed to keep up the damage.

Prowler on a Cyborg will allow the Cyborg to move around and see everything both day and night allowing him to short range scout to soloing as a Cyborg. The increased movement will allow the Cyborg to keep up a high rate of mobility and the vision will allow him to see any dangers ahead. The increased agility will let him shoot down any dangers fairly quickly.

Prowler's special hold-position vision has true sight, able to see moving Commies, Sniper umbs, Laser umbs, blue dogs, and blue zombies.

external image trait-energizer.jpgEnergizer

energizer.jpgCan be used manually by using the Help ability (shortcut: ZD) or by typing "help" if the hero has the energy capacity to use the entire gizer batt.

Usage: Energy dependant classes - Medic, Cyborg, Pyro, Demo, Maverick, Watchman
Energizer works well for characters that rely on energy, or specifically, have abilities that have high energy costs. Energizer batteries are useful because of their substantial bonus to energy, often replacing the use of a battery, which is crucial for saving energy to fill a reactor.

Some classes require a large amount of energy to use there abilities, other classes can use this as a 2nd backup battery thus having a large energy pool. The Demolitions is an example of a character which needs a large amount of energy to sustain his abilities. The Pyrotechnician and Cyborg have backup energy sources and also require energy to sustain abilities, giving them a 2nd backup battery would allow them to sustain their energy pools for longer.
There will blue dot above the head when battery is charged. Energizer battery is first to be used when energy drops below 250. The battery can be manually activated by type 'help', calling for help by pressing the ability in the Z-menu, or by press the hotkey combination 'Z D.' You must be missing at least 500 energy for the battery to activate. While there are some instance when saving your back up battery is the right course of action, in most cases, manually using it will increase your total energy over time provided you don't reach your maximum energy.

Using Z D will uncloak a sniper or espi hero. To avoid this, type "help" in chat and your gizer batt can be used manually without decloaking.

external image trait-pack.jpgPack Rat

packrat.jpgCheese may be given to Rat for a chance of it dropping either bandages, drugs, batteries, or a stim. It will also call the rat to the hero.
Pill Pouch may be used in backpack.
Lab locker has 3 second cooldown instead of 5 minutes for sending items to the hero (the same cooldown for sending items to the locker).
Backpack may assigned a hotkey.
Usage: Item dependant classes - Medic, Tactician, Cyborg, Demo
Pack Rat works well for characters that like to collect items, mainly consumables. The extra storage space makes being able to carry supplies for the team, such as antidotes, stimpacks, batteries, and/or bandages much more manageable. You should also keep the drug pouch that is given to you at the start in the pack rat.

The Cyborg can use this trait efficiently, from storing batteries for the use of Force Field, to storing items to distribute to make him an effective scout.
The Demolitions can effectively use the trait in a same kind of manner. The Demolitions does not need batteries to keep its energy supply up because its ability to biochem, however if need be, he can still store them in case he does run out of energy. The Demolitions can also use the locker more often, allowing him to send circuits from the locker to use his Gear Mod ability more often.
With his superior intelligence, Pack Rat allows the medic to keep high-int, non-consumables in his main inventory while maintaining an inventory of stims, batts, pills and bands.

Mini2 droid made by a Packrat hero carry their remote in them. This costs the mini2 -1eps but he does not need to remain in range of his creating hero. The remote and all circuit boards consumed by the mini2 are dropped upon its death.

Packrat is especially useful for doing the job of the Quartermaster. Guide for using Packrat as Quartermaster.

external image trait-engineer.jpgEngineer

engi.jpgDesign plans or items created by design plans may not be duplicated.
Heroes must have sufficient base intelligence to duplicate items.
Can also combine certain items to produce improved versions of the items.
Only one Engineered Item can be held at a time.
Engineered Items require using a circuit board (or death) to break apart the item.

Usage: Item dependant classes - Cyborg, Pyro, Demo
Engineer allows your hero to create copies of some non-consumable items. You are not able to copy ATME, design plan items, Chronotech items or the Exosuit, however you can duplicate Exosuit pieces. Copied items cannot be dropped, sold, or used to make design plans. Duplicated items, or "dupes" that are dropped will disappear. In addition to the ability to copy items, your hero is able to use items earlier. The 33% intelligence decrease is applied to an item's intelligence requirement over 100. Ex: An item requiring 115 intelligence could be used by an engineer with 110 intelligence. The innate ability used to copy items replaces the packrat innate.

The best way to think of Engineer is take all your white int (over 100), all your green int, all your other black int, add them and divide that number by 2 and that is how much black int Engi gives. Add that to amount to the number you started with and you'll have you the number that determines what items you can use or you can simply multiply the sum of your rainbow intelligence number by 1.5.

This trait is very versatile and anyone can gain great benefits from this class. It is a preferred trait for some Pyrotechnicians, as it allows them to have six Micro-fusion Generators after finding just one. The high energy regeneration rate helps them spam their abilities. Demos can create multiple micro gens as well, but really appreciate an inventory full of Duo-cells, which increases the amount of energy they can obtain from Biochem. Cyborgs gain access to powerful design plan items sooner, which there are more of because he is engineer. A Cyborg with an MkII Gen and an MkII Storage Gen has a very nice amount of energy. Cyborgs also gain the int to duplicate micro pluses, but this is not as important because the borg is likely the most energy-dependent class that can use the item naturally.

Only one copy of each Top Secret item can exist in the game. Your team full of engineers cannot all have copied shield caps or freeze rays.

external image trait-reckless.jpgReckless

Reckless.jpgUsage: Skill Point oriented classes - Tech, Mav, HO

Reckless gives your hero +1 skill points every even level for the first 10 even levels. At level 20 you will have 10 more skill points than normal allies would at level 20.

Because Nanites does not have a level requirement (you don't need to be level 19 to have 19 levels into nanites) reckless does not allow you to max nanites the quickest but because it requires 2 skill points for the last 5 levels of nanites and the hero receives -1 nanites. It is highly recommended that tanking classes not use this because they will get max nanites early into the game and late game each level of effective nanites counts.

Because you gain 1.5 skill points per level it makes it easier to blitz useful skills like Dog (Maverick), Power Grid (HO) while getting nanites or other skills such as Refined Rifle or Grenade on the Maverick or Energy Cells and Droid Ammo for the HO.

A popular strategy is to pair this with espionage (spec) so that the survivability from lower nanites is covered by the increased survivability from espionage; because espionage also lowers nanites most people do not level nanites with this combination except when they have no other skill they wish to get.

A HO with 14 nanites and max Plasma shield is more tanky than a different hero with 19 nanites. This can allow a HO to make the most out of reckless and still not suffer dramatically from the nanite penalty.