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A short list of common terms and shorthand can be found here.


ABM - Automated Black Market, the randomly located shops that provide heroes with basic equipment and consumables once city power is at least partially restored.

Abom - Abomination, the basic boss class.

abomB - Typically used to refer to an abomination variant, the kind that explodes on death. Recognizable by its dark red color and smoke trailing from it. Encountered only on Nightmare and Survival.

Adren - Adrenaline, a Medic innate ability.

Aggro - The level of hostility an undead unit has towards a given target. The one who has the highest aggro is the one they go after. Damage output, proximity, current HP, buffs, and debuffs are all considerations in Aggro.

Aids - Refers to Bandages. Also called "bands."

ATME - Refers to a class of extremely powerful items. Stands for "Advanced Technology Made Easy."

APC - Armored Personnel Carrier, used to transport civilians out of Raccoon City for Normal, Hard, Insane, Survival, Extinction and Nightmare difficulty modes.



Band/Bandies - Bandages, small consumable item that restores health to the target based on the user's white intelligence.

Battman - A Watchman build focused on high levels of energy regeneration and supporting energy-demanding classes with Surge.

Batt - Battery - Consumable item that restores a hero's energy. Variants such as the Solar Battery ATME and the Cyborg's backup battery exist.

Bill - Nickname for any one of the LADs.

Bob - Pharmacist Returner used by the Watchman.

Borg - Short for Cyborg.



Cam - Camera. Innate ability of the Covert Sniper.

Camp - The team holds positions and kills all the incoming zombies to gain levels quickly and suppress the zombie population.

CC - Crowd Control. The ability to deal with large numbers of weaker enemies. This splits into true Crowd Control and mob dps. Also stands for class call.

CD - Cooldown.

Cell - Storage Cell, permanent item that allows you to store extra energy.

Chrome - Chrome Retriever. One of the Maverick's 3 dog variants. Specializes at scouting and carrying items.

Civ - Short hand for civving.

Civving - Refers to doing the Rescue Civilians objective - shooting a zombie with an antidote, and then leading the resulting civilian to a waiting APC or televac.

Clays - Claymores. Consumable item that lays an explosive device on the ground.

Commies - Umbrella Commandos, also called Umbrella Strike Force. Extremely tough and smart, they are the Umbrella Corporation's most elite warriors.

Conf - Confidence. One of the Psychologist's learned abilities that increase agility.

Conc - Concussion Grenade. One of the Covert Sniper's abilities.

CR - Chem Reliant. Hero trait.



Dote - Antidote . Consumable item used to turn zombies into pacified zombies and then back into humans. May also be used as a verb referring to the action of using an antidote on a zombie.

Drawing - Having a low-health unit (most frequently a robodog but mini-droids can be shot until their life is low also) that the mob will aggro. This kind of aggro-holding can be messed up by another unit with lower health.

Duo - Storage Duo-Cell, permanent item that allows you to store 500 extra mana.

Dupe - Either a duplicated item or a shortening of the verb "to duplicate" (Referring to Engineer trait).

Death Room - The first room to the top left of the lower right bunker, it is on a hill. Can also refer to the room to the southwest of the middle left bunker within that block or the room west of ground zero with two paths leading up to it separated by fountains. These references are less common though.



East - Azeroth server for Warcraft or USEast for Starcraft. Generally many more players and majority of skilled players. Main channel is SWAT.

Ener - Energizer. Hero trait. Also commonly called "gizer."

Engi - Refers to the Engineer trait

EXT - Shorthand for Extinction, the hardest difficulty level.

Extinction - Hardest difficulty. Activated by having more than one player in the game, all of which load rank 12 characters.



Fatty - Another term for Abomination.

FC - Flower Child. Hero trait.

FF - Force Field . Cyborg innate ability; Fire Fly . Pyrotechnician innate ability; Fire Fly . Enemy unit.

Fix - Generally a request for a Technician to repair a droid such as a LAD or robodog .

Frank - Nickname for the Android Returner used by the Watchman.

Fumes - Released from the corpses of some fallen Abominations on Survival and Nighmare. Slows your character dramatically and inflicts heavy damage if you get too close.



Garena - A third-party VPN program allows players to play via LAN over the internet, bypassing Battle.net. Official Site

Garg - Grotesque. The common term for the Grotesque, a flying undead creature.

Garg Fleet - A massive wave of Gargoyles that come out of nowhere. No other zombies are present. Can easily kill more fragile team members if taken unawares.

Gen - Generator. Usually used to refer to micro fusion generators, an item that increases a hero's energy regeneration rate.

Gizer - Energizer. Hero trait.

Goon - Dragoon. Hero trait.

Graveyard - the graveyard in the north center of the map.

Ground Zero - The impact site of the nuke that the government dropped on Raccoon City. Northwest of the lower right bunker. Can spawn rads.

Group - the main group of players. Most players in a given game will move together. See also Solo.

GS - Group Sniper. A Sniper who stays with the main group.

GY - the Graveyard in the north center of the map.



Haz - Refers to the Hazmat item that alters the radiation bracket and is needed to complete Extinction mode and Perfect Insane.

Hug - Similar to a wall hug, but instead of lining up against a wall, the team surrounds a unit. This makes the zombies run in a straight line towards the clump of heroes, instead of spreading out. By hugging, MIRVs, Molotovs and other crowd control abilities are more effective.

Hug Me - Surround the one unit because it has a shorthand aura and have more control over where mob goes. May also apply to hugging a character for a recall to the lab.



ITD - Item Teleportation Device. An older name for the Covert Sniper's innate ability that allows him to teleport items around. TP for short. Some older players will still call it by this name.



Jew - Short for Redscull Jewish crap. Usually referring to bad luck which players interpret as super-sneaky hateful code from redscull... which it isn't. Also a possible name for Nemesis' mini droids, which are so named as a reference to former meaning.



Kami - Kamikaze Kanine. One of the Maverick's 3 dog variants. Specializes at high speed offensive combat.

Kazi - See Kami/.

Kiting - The process of using Cyborg Pheromone's to trick a boss, priority or mob into chasing after the Cyborg, allowing the members of the team to shoot at it without the Cyborg having to tank the hits. Kiting is also used to avoid explosions from Abombs and TNTs while keeping the fleshier members of the group safe. See also Drawing.



LAD - Large Assault Droid. LAD parts are an item a hero can use to create a LAD. One set of parts is in the lab; the other is located randomly; the last is dropped by Umbrella's own LAD.



Mall - The square of four interally-connected rooms just above the Park.

Mav - Refers to Maverick, in a Class Call (CC) a C,K or M will refer to one of the three Robodogs that is available to the Maverick, e.g S+K refers to a Sniper rifle maverick with a Kamimaze Kanine. The letter before the plus refers to the weapon choice of the maverick which the letter after refers to the choice of robodog.

Mecha - Mecha Mutt. One of the Maverick's 3 dog variants. Specializes at tanking.

MFG - See gen.

Micro - This term has three different meanings depending on context. The first meaning is a player's ability to manage multiple units. The second refers to the Microfusion Generator item. The third is the Pyro's Microwave skill.

Mob - This can refer to the greater horde of zombies that is typically trailing behind the group ("the mob") or any vague clump of enemies ("some back mob"). In this second use, it is also a synonym for aggro.

Mutate - Unique to the Maverick class which allows him to mutate a secondary trait which stacks with the one that the Maverick was loaded or created with, mutate is random and only happens during level ups, the Maverick will never mutate Skilled, Swift Learner, Packrat or duplicate the Mav's primary trait.



NM - Nightmare. The secret difficulty, and the second highest.

Nancy - Nurse returner used by the Watchman.

Nano - Refers to the Nano Inject skill of the Medic, Maverick and the Watchman.





Park - South East of the map, Chronotech spawns here on certain difficulties and is also a popular camping spot for Survival mode

Pathing - Refers to the route that the mob will take based on player movements and actions.

Phase - An ability that renders the user untargetable and invulnerable to most damage. Represented graphically as a translucent shadow of itself. Super Mutants on Survival, Nightmare, and Extinction mode will periodically phase. Phase can also refer to another ability that zombies posses which allows them to disappear momentarily ignoring all damage taken by the last hit or spell. Phase can also refer to the ability that a Heavy Ordinance unit can use to protect its minidroids.

Pharm - Refers to the Pharmacist that can be summoned via the Watchman's Paradox skill. Revives can be bought from the Pharmacist, and he creates drugs from his mana stores.

PIN - Perfect Insane. Refers to one level of difficulty. See the FAQ entry for more information.

Ping Pong - A tactic to draw aggro of a boss or mob by alternate running and shooting by 2+ players.

Plaza - The portion of the map west of the graveyard containing two fountains, as well as the rooms surrounding that area, four below and three above.

Pool - Refers to all players giving their money and/or valor to a specified person. Can also refer to the command "-pool" which allows other players to take credits from one another.



QQ - Expresses sadness. Represents a pair of crying eyes.



Rad - Radiation fragment

Radlet - Small, invulnerable rad fragment that sometimes breaks off a regular rad fragment when it's destroyed; these last a duration represented by their size before disappearing. They also count positively towards the radiation meter during their life time.

Rad Scan - Request for a player to use their Radiation Scanner ability

Rad (unit) - The unit that is either a Grotesque or garg, Beast or Ghoul, zombie and holds a radiation fragment. See walker.

Rant - Can refer to Tyrant. See TY.

Redote - Doting a zombie that is sparkling, a visible sign of the effect of partial inoculation. Zombies that are only partially inoculated need doting again.

Rez/ - Resurrect. Generally a request from someone to revive something with either the Medic ability or a Revive item. eg: "Rez me!"

RD - Rad detector, request for player to use their Radiation Scanner Ability. More commonly just "scan."

RR - Rapid Reload, an item that increases attack speed. Can also represent Radiation Resistant, hero trait.

RR Scan - Request for any Radiation Resistant heroes to use their scanner. More commonly just "scan."

RT// - Rapid Therapy. Innate ability of the Medic that can immediately alleviate most injuries.



SM - Super Mutant . One of the possible boss types that can spawn. Requires somewhat more strategy to deal with than Abominations.

Scan - Shorthand for Rad Scan. Typically used to request a Rad. Resistant player to use their scanner.

Shrooms - References the mushroom room, added in P120912.

Slay - Short for Mindslay the Psychologist innate an enemy unit type or boss will normally be named after e.g Slay Charred

Solo - A player who scouts the map independently of the rest of the players. Snipers and Watchmen are the most common candidates for this role due to their Cloaking and Partner abilities, respectively.

Splinter - See Radlet.

SS - solo Sniper. A Sniper who scouts the map independently of the rest of the players.

Stat Booster - Another name for implant items which increase a hero's vitality, agility, intelligence, or maximum health.

Surv - Short for Survival mode



Tat - Mentat. Intelligence-boosting drug.

Tele - Can refer to Sniper's ITD ability or televacs. See ITD or Televac.

Televac - A device used to teleport civilians away from Raccoon City. Televacs are found in bunkers.

Thx - Short-hand for thanx which is shorthand for thanks.

Timmy - Prodigy Strategian Returner used by the Watchman.

Tommy- Refers to the Atomic Zombie variant of Zombies found in Extinction Difficulty.

Toebomb - Refers to a strategy that involves running up to a boss, carpeting the area around the boss with claymores and/or c-4, and then running out of there before the explosion.

Tor - Reactor. Refers to a power plant , six of which are scattered around the map.

TP - Teleport. Usually used to refer to the Sniper's Item Teleport ability, as a request for a given item. Can also refer to the Recall device which may be purchased from the lab.

Ty - Thank you; not to be confused with TY.

TY - Umbrella Tyrant droid. Frantic pinging often accompanies this. Does not show up on Mini-map



Uber - General term for map wide difficulty. Uber is based on the level of all the main SWAT heroes, along with some of the additional units such as LADs and Mk II minidroids. Higher Uber increases the strength and numbers of the undead, time also increases it for certain difficultys.

Umbs - Umbrellas. Umbrella Soldiers. Refers to the basic Umbrella soldiers (Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Rocket Launcher variants). Not to be confused with Commandos (a.k.a. Commies)



Vac - See Televac.



Walker - Term for a zombie or other undead carrying a radiation fragment.

Wall hug - The team lines up against a wall as the zombies approach, with tanks in the front and others stacked up behind.

Wall-to-wall - See ping pong. This involves moving down a street while pingponging. This way the boss must travel all the way from one wall to the other.

West - The Lordaeron server for Warcraft or USWest for Starcraft players. Less popular for SWAT than East. Main channels: SWAT and Clan RoS (Remade Clan SWAT under Tehdudeabides).

WM - Refers to Watchman class.





Yeller - Term for Old Yeller the robodog MkII.



Zilla - Godzilla . Large lizard-like boss that can only appear once per game, has a large degeneration aura.

Z - Very shorthand for zombies, usually accompanied by a ping.