external image scarlete.jpgEvery hero gets to choose a Specialization upon creation. These specializations are balanced to around 40% of traits.
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I personally think there's two ways to approach specs. You can either pair it up with a trait for even more focused power, or you can intentionally use the opposite to try to make up for one of your weaknesses. Triage for example is a great way for a dummy to be able to effectively use Bandages for healing himself without having to spend his trait on Healer . In the past, a dummy who wanted to be self-sufficient at healing had to pick healer, or to a lesser degree, Flower Child or Gifted. ~ redscull

A list of specs can be found on the Official Swat site.

external image tomered.gifWeaponry

weponrt.jpgAssault rifles fire antipersonnel rounds. Medics will have twice the bonus as they naturally have this ability. This affects enemy LADs, Tyrants, Umbrella soldiers, Commandos and Nemesis.

This Specialization synergizes with Dragoon to maximize damage output via the player's weapon. Weaponry also synergizes with other Traits that increase weapon damage or attack speed, such as Prowler, Chem Reliant, or Flower Child.

external image crownofkings.gifPower Armor

Power armor.pngThe Cyborg will lose 20 movement speed upon using the Goliath Modification regardless of Power Armor specialization. The movement speed penalty is reduced by 20 when using the Shield Capacitor.

If you want to get the full effect of this specialization, pair it with a tanking trait, like Acrobat, Survivalist, Gadgeteer or, to a lesser extent, Dragoon .

This specialization is designed around the Shield Capacitor . While the eliminated move speed reduction is nice, the high point is the Absorption-%IncomingDamage synergy. On a 150 damage hit (albeit a weak zombie hit, but it illustrates well):

HP DMG b4 Armor
HVY non-PA
94% Blocked
94% Blocked w/ PA
95% Blocked
95% Blocked w/ PA

Here, Power Armor is already reducing health damage taken by about 50%, which is reason enough for health-dependent tanks like HOs to take this (on harder hits, the advantage is reduced though never eliminated). Likewise, the Shield Capacitor reduces the amount of health damage taken by around 24% for non-PA heroes. On a PA hero, the Shield Capacitor reduces the damage taken by 50% instead of the typical ~25%. Shield Capacitors will always help the health of PA heroes more than non-PA heroes. A Heavy+ PA tank is taking less than half the health damage of a Heavy non-PA tank for hits up to 230 damage. While PA is nice without a Shield Cap, you should make sure to buy a Shield Cap if you use this specialization.

external image BTNStatUp.pngEnergy Cells

energy cell.pngEnergy cells increases that amount that each storage cell can hold by 250 instead of the additional initial storage shown here.

Energy Cells can be paired with Energizer for maximum energy storage. Note that the player still starts the game with 1000e. Otherwise pair it with a class that needs extra energy capacity such as tanks or Medics, Pyros or Demos. Demos in particular benefit from this because of the boost to Biochem.

external image engineeringupgrade.gifCybernetics

cybernet.pngHigher intelligence classes gain more int from choosing cybernetics as their specialization.

Pairing this with Survivalist allows the player to gain additional health and move fast while critical. It can be paired with Gifted or Prowler for the movement speed bonuses, or with Gifted for the extra white intelligence .

external image healingward.gifTriage


If you want to get the full effect of this specialization, pair it Healer for fast sure-fire civving and great healing/injury removal. Also, pair it with Gadgeteer to create massive bandage stacks.

external image BTNDust.pngChemistry

chemistry.jpgBuffout, Speed, and Mentats are consumed in thirds but still provide their full bonus.
Reduces the experience penalty for overdosing.
Intelligence is +10 for the purpose of using stims. Additionally, stims last 33% longer, provide 33% more attack speed and 33% more movespeed when applied to yourself.

Best Effect - If you want to get the full effect of this specialization, pair it with Flower Child OR Chem. Reliant to triple the mileage of your drugs. Pair this with Gadgeteer or Tinkering to maximize stim potential on less intelligent classes with high regen, such as Maverickss.

external image BTNRallyPoint.pngLeadership

leadership.jpgHigher intelligence classes gain more valor from choosing this specialization.

This specialization is one of self-sacrifice. Because each specialization is designed to be worth ~2 skill points, this lets you essentially place those two skill points on another hero (15 valor can buy 1 skill point at the lab). Choose this if another teammate could fulfill his role better by a greater margin with those two skill points than you would be able to fulfill yours. Also when you issue a "move" command an orb appears on the ground, this is useful to help new players with pathing if you want to for instance get them on the wall, you can put an orb circle on the ground where you want them.

external image spec-robotics.jpgRobotics

robotics.jpgComes with an option to change to +10% ms and AS on robots or +16% regen on robots or -1 armor to enemies is 625 radius.

This is a powerful specialization if it's taken full advantage of. Because the robot ally is invulnerable, he should always be standing as close to the action as possible so his vulnerability scanner (-1 armor aura) can be put to the most use. Otherwise, keep the robot close to any robotic units in the group such as robodogs and mini2s. If you simply have the robot follow on your hero, you are probably not using this to its full effect.

Pet Robot
Covert Sniper
Field Medic
Heavy Ord.
Hermit Crab
Tech Ops
Umbrella Clone

external image invisibility.gifEspionage

There are two variants of this Spec depending on which class chooses it. (Covert Sniper or Non-Covert Sniper)


This specialization is useful for classes that normally would not be able to scout due to the room spawns or mobs. This allows more of the team (if espionage heroes are in-game) to go out and scout or rad hunt freeing up time which normally could be wasted by letting a single solo covert sniper scout much of the map. Although this specialization gives better scouting for classes other than the Covert Sniper it incurs a penalty of a decrease in nanite levels. Non-Covert Sniper classes have decreased energy regeneration in relation to their armor level. Light has -8%, Medium -16%, and Heavy and Advanced have -33% energy regeneration.