Formatting on this wiki

Recently, while looking through the Wiki and have notice distinct discrepancies in formatting of text and information. Notably, this refers to font modifications. I have discusses this matter with a few others and these are my conclusions. Hopefully, you will agree and use the following formatting standards when updating the Wiki. In addition to that, I plan to go through the Wiki, and will hopefully have the help of others,to apply this standardized formatting throughout the Wiki. These are the conclusions regarding accepted formatting.

TABLES OF CONTENTS [toc] should be on any page with defineable sections (so yes to Bosses, but no to sight). Put them as the very first thing, on a line of their own. Class pages should all have tocs. When modifying class pages, be sure to place each ability into the table of contents and also create an anchor separate from the toc for each ability. This will allow links to anchor to "conc" instead of just the nth element in the toc, which has the potential to change.

IMAGES should only be used when relevant. Do NOT add images that are not from SWAT, I realize that it may make the page a little "flashier" but it's overall just clutter. Another important thing is that all images should accurately reflect what they refer to. This means that an image shown next to an item description should be the item as it would be seen in the inventory of the hero in the game. Some images may refer to something that does not have an image in the game (such as game modes) and should be simple images, preferably icons from Warcraft III, that accurately reflect that which they refer too.

ITALICS should be used to refer to general use information and descriptions. Use of Italics should basically be applied to anything and everything that is taken directly from, since that is considered common knowledge information. An example of use of italics would be for the short description of the effects of different items. Italics should not be used for player comments and suggestions except for emphasis. This is because general information should be ignored for the most part since most players will come to the Wiki for specialized information. Putting general information in italics makes it easier to distinguish from the important information.

NORMAL font modifiers should be used for player comments and suggestions. This basically applies to any information that arises from discussion with other players and discussion that occurs in the forums, and standard playing strategies. This will be the standard text that most players should see since the wiki is supposed to be composed of mostly player contributed information.

BOLD should be used for things that need emphasis. It is frowned upon to use this in the middle of a sentence but proves to be more useful when describing a player strategy and breaking it down into different steps, with each step title displayed in bold.

UNDERLINE should be used in the same way as bold is used, and will generally be combined with it in areas such as subject names (for example I would put the title "Storage Generator" in both bold and underline to specify that I am making a new subject area. Underline should also be used with hyperlinks.

  • BULLET POINTS should be used for each unique suggestion under a particular ability.

HEADINGS and large font sizes should be used for section titles. Do not use Heading1 for anything unless you really know what you're doing. The first reason is for consistency. The second and more important reason is because of how Heading1 interacts with the Table of Contents.

CODE such as imported program code or any such item should be written in a sub-box to differentiate it from standard English and grammar. This also allows players to focus on blocks of code easier if they wish or to just ignore it. Code should be written in whatever the font type that I'm using right now is since that is the standard coding font.

ICON sizes should be around 36 x 36 pixels unless using a larger image such as a screen-shot or any such item. What I mean by icons is items such as item pictures, ability pictures, etc.

GUIDES can follow whatever formatting their writers desire, but I would suggest that they either follow the Wiki format, Standardized Outline Format (I, A, 1, a, i) for the sake of clarity. Another nice format to follow for writing guides is the one used by Ong in his guides.

LINKS and ANCHORS should be used as much as is reasonably possible. The first time a suggestion mentions bosses, link to the bosses page, if it mentions Concussion Grenade, link to the sniper page and anchor to conc. Anchors should always be in lowercase. To check an anchor title on a page, edit it and mouse over the little anchor icon that you want the name for. Because anchors don't pop up when linking like page names do, try to use the complete names for abilities. Furthermore, anchors should be placed in the space over or under the horizontal bar above of the section they anchor to. Feel free to add in multiple adjacent anchors for the same section so that people can have a greater chance of guessing the exact name for an anchor.

ABILITY NAMES should not have the hotkey include in the link to the SWAT official site. This makes the ToC look poor. If you want the hotkey mentioned, or the fact that it's a toggle ability, mention this in the italicized section describing the ability.

SPRINT and RAD SCAN should not be included on any class pages unless there is something specific to be said about it, such as scanner on a tact or sprint on a sniper (b/c of espi).

STATISTICS should as a general rule not be included in this wiki, as they are liable to change with each release. Tables, such as those on some of the unupdated class pages, should be removed and linked to the official site.

COMMENTS should be left with each edit (or once at the end of a string of edits) so that other editors can keep track of what has changed.

Finally, there should be a help link for working with WikiText in the bottom right corner when editing or in the very top right corner. Consult that with any questions you may have and if you still have questions, send me a message or PM me in the forums.

Please feel free to discuss any ideas you have regarding a better way to format. This format guide will likely change in the future, so whenever you notice it in the recently changed pages, look at it to see what's different. As always, thanks for the help guys.