Some of these items have int requirements and are found in wooden crates. If one wooden crate has a stat booster, all the wooden crates in that room will contain stat boosters. Items with prices can be bought at the Lab or an ABM. ABM's require 2 reactors to be online before they can be active for buying and selling.

Stim Pack itemsglyph_copy.jpg

Stim pack items grant a bonus to attack speed and move speed for 20 seconds. They start with 8 charges, and can be refilled to 3 charges with energy once depleted.
    • Stim Pack: +75% attack speed, +15% move speed, 20 seconds
      120 int, 600e refill, 400 credits from ABM
    • Refined Stim Pack: +150% attack speed, +15% move speed, 20 seconds
      135 int, 1000e refill, 400 credits from ABM
    • Ultra Stim Pack: +225% attack speed, +15% move speed, 20 seconds
      150 int, 1200e refill
  • Gadgeteer heroes will refill to 4 charges. Packrat rat can drop regular stim packs with a single charge sometimes.
  • Give Stim Packs to Characters who are constantly paying attention to the group and have enough energy regeneration or energy to spam Stim Packs.
  • It is often a good idea to store packs of ultras that the team finds so that high intelligence characters or stim-specced heros can use these during the Nemesis fight in Nightmare or Extinction.
  • Classes that will reach the 120 intelligence necessary to use a regular Stim Pack include the Psychologist (level 13), the Medic (level 10), Demolitions (level 37), the Cyborg (level 26), Tech Ops (level 39-46 depending on rank), and the Tactician (level 15).
  • Classes that will have the 135 intelligence necessary to use a Refined Stim Pack include the Psychologist (level 31), the Medic (level 25), the Tactician (level 36),and the Cyborg (level 50).
  • Classes that will reach the 150 intelligence required to use this item include the Psychologist (level 50 or less depending on how many skill points are put into Mental Clarity) and the Medic (level 40).

Batteriesexternal image item-battery.jpg

    • Battery: Restores 500e on use. Automatically used if hero drops below 250e.
    • Sold in stacks of 1 for 120 credits from an ABM or the Lab.
    • Pack Rat can drop stacks of 1, 2, or 3 from the Feed Rad ability.
    • Stacks up to 4. Gadgeteer stacks to 5.
  • Note that the hero must have less than 250 mana for an auto use to occur. It is a good item to constantly pass the Heavy Ordinance one-stacks of batteries to fill up to four charges and pass around the party, so make sure the HO has batteries to charge all the time.
  • Because energy is the most important defensive resource, during Nemesis fights, all players should typically devote an inventory spot to a stack of batteries.
  • These are key for filling tors in lower-man games.
  • By having a sniper TP the HO a battery as the HO uses recharge batt it can cause the battery to have 1 more per stack than is should (no batteries are gained) but a non-gadgeteer HO can charge a 5 stack.

external image healingward.gifBandages

    • Bandages: Heals an organic unit proportional to the user's Intelligence.
      64 credits for 8 Bandages from ABM or Lab
  • Heals targets HP. Removes one "level" of open wound debuff per use. Higher intelligence produces larger heals. Healer trait increases HP restored by +50 (+17~ intelligence), removes open wounds more effectively, as well as removes one injury provided the target is not recently bandaged. Sold in stacks of 8, stacks to 24. Gadgeteer stacks to 30. Pack Rat rat drops 4-8 bandanges in a stack. Only white and green int effects heals. Triage increases the auto-stack size of bandages by 100%, fully recover recipient from critically low health before healing the normal amount and restore an additional 25 health when used on self. Heals amount of health by the formula: HP restored = (intelligence - 100) * 3 (minimum 3).
  • Make sure any heroes with the Healer trait have at least 1 stack of bandages to help with the removal of injuries.

external image resurrection.gifRevive

    • Revive: Revives an adjacent dead organic unit.
      150 int, 250 credits from ABM or Watchman Pharmacist, cannot be sold)
  • Works on cadets and civilians. Revived heroes start with 500 hp and 500 energy. Res sickness debuff is applied as well. 1 charge, doesn't normally stack. Cadets do not receive the "Rez Sickness" buff. Healer trait allows use of this item regardless of int and the Revives stack up to 8 times (10 as a gadge healer mav) and act as Ankh of Reincarnation.
  • Make sure each Hero with the Healer trait, has one revive in their inventory or locker just in case a team wipe occurs.
  • Classes that will reach the 150 intelligence required to use this item include the Psychologist (level 50 or less depending on how many skill points are put into Mental Clarity) and the Medic (level 40). This can be fixed though by also buying a few mentats.


    • Claymore: Sets a Claymore mine on the ground. Explodes for 400 AoE damage when destroyed.
      105 int, 180 credits for stack of 15 from Lab
  • Claymores have 200 Health and 5 armor.
  • Gadgeteer can stack them to 18, but they are bought in stacks of 15 from the Lab unlike dotes.
  • All Classes will have sufficient intelligence to use this item by level 18.
  • Claymores are spectacular early game at delaying and killing the mob while the team clears rooms.
  • Place claymores behind the team to delay the mob before approaching a Reactor. This will give the team additional time to fill without any pressure for the mob.
  • As with C4, placing a claymore along a wall will reduce the number of targets that can attack it at once, delaying the mob for longer.

Drug items external image item-mentat.jpgexternal image item-speed.jpgexternal image item-buffout.jpg

Drug items provide a bonus to hero attributes for 2 minutes.
There is a lot of complexity surrounding their use.
More information can be found at Drugs.
    • Buffout: +100 Vitality for 2 minutes
    • Speed: +10 Agility for 2 minutes
    • Mentat: +15 Intelligence for 2 minutes
  • Heroes with the Flower Child and Chem. Reliant traits, or the Chemistry specialization, will be able to better utilize drugs.
  • Drugs can be very effective for soloing classes as it provides increased survivability at the cost of "1 item" (Pill Pouch).