The language of SWAT uses tons of abbreviations which may not be understood by newer players. This short list may help new players understand what is meant by other players using shorthand.

A more complete list of all terms is located here.

Chat requests and responses
  • "d" = I need dotes
  • "dotes" = antidotes, purchasable from the Lab Assistant and needed for the Rescue Civilians objective
  • "1b" = I need a 1-stack of batteries to fill (requested by Heavy Ordinance)
  • "4b otg" = 4-stack of batteries on the ground. A Heavy Ordinance quickly filling batteries may run these two together saying, "4b otg, 1b", meaning he just finish filling a battery stack and dropping it on the ground, and now wants another stack to fill. Gadgeteer Heavy Ordinances may instead say, "5b otg", as they are able to fill batteries to a 5-count.
  • "b" = I need batteries. Usually a quick request by the tank to get teleported batteries so that he can continue to tank. Can also be a request for batteries to be stored in personal lockers to prepare for the Nemesis fight.
  • "batts" = batteries. Usually requesting a full 4-stack.
  • "MC" = mental clarity, a psychologist ability, usually a request for mental clarity if they think their class deserves it or are behind on levels because of death.
  • "Moti" = motivation, a psychologist ability - usually a request made by a solo so that they can escape a boss.
  • "rt" - rapid therapy, a medic and healer ability - usually a request by someone else to get their injury cured.
  • "cd" - cooldown, often stated about abilities with long cooldowns to say "I can't do that right now, but will get to it when I can."
  • "oom" - out of mana, usually stated by a sniper who can no longer teleport items away from the solo, tank when he can no longer tank, demo who wants to nuke but can't yet, or medic who still needs energy to revive.
  • "haz" - hazardous materials. Usually followed by a ping to indicate the area of discovered hazmat or a question mark to ask on the status of the "selling hazmat" objective or location of discovered hazmats

Enemy warnings - some enemies are scary enough that people warn their teammates about the incoming threat

Class Calling - calling your class often involves more than just what class you are loading, but also what role you are intending to fill
  • Obvious Classes:
  • Classes that need their role defined
    • ss & gs - solo sniper and group sniper - sniper can be played so differently that it is needed that you say what job you intend to do. "CS" (covert sniper) or "sniper" are not acceptable class calls
    • swm & gwm - solo watchman and group watchman - same thing as with ss and gs. Simple "wm" is usually a gwm, but we want to know if that is really what you intend.
    • FC - flower child- because the flower child uses so many drugs, it is expected that you let everyone know if you intend to use flower child and take all the drugs from the rest of the team.
      • FC as a stand-alone class call implies flower child solo watchman.
      • Alternatively people may call something like "fcwm", "fcgs", or "fc demo" to indicate both flower child and what class and role they intend to do
    • Other solos start with "s" such as: sHO, spyro, spsy (aka spy), ss+k (see mav below)
    • qm - quarter master, the person that uses the recall and controls the items. May be done with any clas ("qm tact") but when done by medic is abbreviated "qmed"
  • Maverick is such a varied class that it is not acceptable to just call "mav", though that might be a starting place as you build a class call
    • Mavs should indicate the gun and dog they intend to use in the form of "r+k" for rocket launcher with kami. It is not necessary to say "rmav+k" or "r+k mav", as this is the only class that needs a "+"
    • "r" for rocket launcher, "s" for sniper rifle, "c" for chaingun, "f" for flamethrower, "a" for assault rifle ("ar" is sometimes used but can be confused with rocket)
    • "k" is used for kamikazi canine (a.k.a. "kami"), "m" is used for mecha mutt, "c" is used for chrome

Traits and Specs
  • "SL" or "swift" or "swifty" - Swift Learner, usually stated because the bonus experience due to finishing objectives is split among all swift learners
  • "FC" - Flower Child, usually stated because they intend to use all the drugs
  • "CR" - Chem Reliant, usually stated because they intend to use some of the drugs
  • "Gizer" - Energizer, not usually mentioned when calling classes, but a common abbreviation when suggesting traits to be used
  • "Engi" - Engineer, usually stated because they get high priority for items they can copy and can use certain key items sooner than their intelligence alone would allow
  • "Gadge" - Gadgeteer, usually stated because they intend to use items that their intel would not normally allow, and usually items that their class would not ever get
  • "Surv" - Survivalist, usually stated because they intend to integrate a high-level vest and that kevlars should be kept for applying kevlar helmets
  • "PR" - Packrat, stated because they may have hidden items or rat-created items, and also are able to use their locker much more freely. "PR" is also an abbreviation for Plasma Rounds
  • "HT" or "H/T" - Healer and Triage, stated because they intend to collect and use bandages extensively. HT is also an abbreviation for the kami's ability hyperthash.
  • "espi" - espionage, stated because it allows them to move invisibly to places they normally would not be able to go