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external image class-sni.gifSniper: Priority, Recon
The Sniper is a strong anti-boss unit who also excels at long-range item teleporting.

external image class-med.gifMedic: Healer, Buffer
The Medic focuses on healing and reviving comrades.

external image class-tac.gif Tactician: Group Buffer
The Tactician uses auras to aid nearby comrades.

external image class-psy.gif Psychologist: Buffer, Priority
The Psychologist can help a single ally anywhere on the map and helps to kill priority targets.

external image class-mav.gif Maverick: Offense, Tank, Recon
The Maverick can choose amongst several weapons and is accompanied by a robodog.

external image class-hvy.gif Heavy Ordnance: Defense, Offense
The Heavy Ordinance can amass a large amount of energy for tanking or damage output.

external image class-dem.gif Demolitions: Offense
The Demolitions focuses on blowing things up, from C4 to mini-nukes.

external image class-bor.gif Cyborg: Tank, Offense
The Cyborg excels at tanking and can be used for crowd control.

external image class-pyr.gif Pyrotechnician: Offense, Debuffing
The Pyrotechnician uses a flamethrower to burn through hordes of zombies.

external image class-wat.gif Watchman: Support, Versatility
The Watchman is extremely versatile, filling any role the player chooses.

external image class-tec.gif Technician: Robot Buffer
Strong area buffer for mechanical units.

external image class-clo.gif Umbrella Clone: Offense, Support
The Umbrella Clone boasts psionic abilities for offense and assisting others and possesses the technology to clone herself.