Chrono Crate.pngThese items are the most powerful in the game since they come from the future!
ChronoTech items are without a doubt the most powerful items in the game. They will only spawn on Extinction and Survival. It spawns at a random time in the game (usually no later than 40 minutes) in Extinction and the message "ChronoTech Corp. sent your squad a powerful item from the future!" will appear alerting the team the crate has been dropped. In Survival it will spawn as soon as the game starts. The crate drops in the park and has substantial max hp with a massive health regen; opening the crate will take effort. The item is equivalent to a MkII A.T.M.E. item and requires a whopping 165 int. Currently only the Psychologist and Medic can obtain that intelligence naturally (i.e. without items or traits) by using mental clarity. Because the chrono items are so powerful and EXT is so hard, your team should always make plans to have someone able to use the chrono.

The items have a new unique quality to them. They have a Use ability and a Passive ability. The Use ability allows dumber heroes to still get an implanted benefit from the chrono that they would otherwise be unable to maintain (requiring up to 4 mentats on many heroes).

external image BTNCloakOfFlames.pngTitan Vest

ChronoTech defense experts believe they created the ultimate in protection with this vest which emits an immense defense matrix around the wearer and adjacent comrades.
Use: Implanted subdermal plating increases armor by 4.
Passive: Increases maximum energy capacity by 750. Provides an additional 25 points of armor and helps prevent injuries. 20% chance to fully absorb damage.
Only one vest may be worn at a time.

The use is given to the tank, and the vest is carried by someone in-group (for armor aura protection) that can continually use the storage (CR player or Engineer Psy).
It is useful to give this vest to a non-tank so that the tank can receive the bonus of their vest and the 25 armor from the Titan Vest - just remember to hug the tank during boss fights or expected tnts (think radius of prodigy strategen or rapid reload).

external image BTNRunedBracers.pngMagnum

ChronoTech Corporation's finest achievement in ammunition enhancement, this device greatly increases damage potential without affecting weapon compatibility.
Use: Ammo level and maximum ammo level increased by 1.
Passive: Increases damage by 85%.

The use is usually given to the sniper or main boss damage. The passive is given to whatever priority gun has the intel to use it. This is most drug-sniper's favorite chrono.

external image BTNSpellShieldAmulet.pngTemporal Distortion Field

ChonoTech's very name is legitimized by this portable and stable device for manipulating time around the bearer. Power armored units & returners are shielded from the effect.
Use: Movement and attack speed increased by 5% via networked temporal armor upgrade.
Passive: Slows movement and attack speed of nearby units by 25%.

The use is an aura so it is usually eaten by someone in the group, but can also be eaten by the solo to make their job go faster. Depends on the needs of the game
The passive is extremely disabling to zombies and can either be a huge safety boost to the group or make the solo free to go anywhere without fear. Depends on the needs of the game.

external image BTNPendantOfEnergy.pngMegahurtz™

This ChronoTech Corporation computer chip upgrades your suit's systems and networking components, making you and closeby comrades more effective in combat.
Use: Intelligence increased by 5.
Passive: Increases energy regeneration and attack speed by 50%.

The use is given to someone that will get the most out of the intelligence boost. It can let the borg use the second shield cap and CV2 without fear of head injury sooner. It can work to get a gwm to his shield cap intel without spending as many points into neural augmentation, or HO use a shield cap without buying as much intel. It can get a non-cyber demo to use the freeze ray much sooner. It can let a medic get much closer to the ability to use the passive of this chrono himself. It can let an engineer use and copy better items, depending on the class. To a lesser extent, it can increase the effectiveness of Psy skills. This use is more game-specific than any other chrono.
The passive is an aura like e-field plus and rapid reload 1.5 in a radius similar to e-field. This should be in-group if possible, and should always be near the group during tor filling as it effectively gives everyone an extra mfg+.

external image BTNThoriumMelee.pngMasamune

Once thought lost forever, ChonoTech historians first located and then found a way to draw power from the spirit forged into this ancient sword of legendary might.
Use: Learn how to better wield your gun. Effective skill level increased by 1.
Passive: The warrior spirit flows through you, increasing your damage by 40%, energy regeneration by 99%, and vitality by 125.

The use should be given to the sniper or main boss damage. The passive is given to whatever priority gun has the intel to use it. The useful variety of this chrono makes it most drug-wm's favorite.

external image BTNOrbOfDarkness.pngNetherGen

ChronoTech scientists discovered that dark matter can be fused for more energy than conventional matter, allowing for massive energy regeneration.
Use: Converts energy system to dark matter fusion, increasing energy regeneration by 16%.
Passive: Increases energy regeneration by 199%.

The use is usually given to the borg as he will always need more regen at the end.
The passive is used by whatever energy-using class has the intel. This can be used especially well in conjunction with the watchman's surge ability.