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Throughout the game you'll be warned of a "Freakishly Large Creature" or of a location of Covert Snipers. Fear Them. The first time they spawn and how often they spawn thereafter is dependent on the difficulty setting.
- First Boss spawn on Normal is around 12 minutes.
- First Boss spawn on Hard is around 9 minutes.
- First Boss spawn on Insane is around 6 minutes.
- Boss Spawns on Nightmare and Survival have a chance to be a double Boss spawn.

Restoring power to Raccoon City will provide you vision of Abominations, Horrors, Super Mutants, and Godzilla when they spawn, allowing you to track their movements and better plan ahead for their arrival. All bosses can detect cloaked Snipers.

external image BTNAbomination.pngAbomination

Abominations are the basic and most common boss spawn. They have the lowest Armour and Health of the boss types, and pose the smallest threat. Abominations award one valor point per hero until the valor pool is depleted.


Sludges are a new boss added in version P120506 and can spawn in any difficulty. The boss is similar to a spider boss as it can burrow and use similar abilities. Sludges award three valor points per hero until the valor pool is depleted.

external image BTNInfernalStone.pngHorror

Horrors increase the effective radiation count by 20 while they are alive, and have roughly three times the armor of an Abomination. Only one Horror can be in play at a time and their chance of spawning is dependent on the radiation level when the boss spawns. Horrors can throw Rad-Bolts and upon death award three valor points per hero until the valor pool is depleted.

external image BTNFleshGolem.pngSuper Mutant

Super Mutants (SM) have the highest health of any boss, but minimal armour. Dealing more than 1000 damage in a single attack while he is below 25% health will "piss off" the Super Mutant, causing it to rapidly regenerate health and momentarily gain 99% evasion and a massive armor boost. (The 1000 damage also takes Armour into account.) Super Mutants also have a Super Smash ability, causing heavy damage and a lengthy stun. This boss benefits from the same radiation bracket based buffs as regular mutants.

external image BTNCentaurArcher.pngUmbrella Commandos

The most widely feared boss variant, Umbrella Commandos will easily pick off any team that does not have a strong and sound plan for defeating them. They consist of several smaller units rather than a single large, powerful unit. They have Cloaking, the ability to Revive fellow Commandos, Sniper Rifles, and Critical Shot. The leader of the unit also has several Aura abilities - Blitz, Endurance, and Weakpoint. They are also programmed to run away from nukes and ions if set off on them, although they can also be lured into a nuke/ion. Mind Slayed Commandos cannot be revived. Commandos who have been killed by an Ion, or whose corpses have been Ioned, revive with no energy. Killing Umbrella Commandos awards one valor point until the valor pool is depleted. Commandos also drop 1 ammo pack when defeated until the ammo pool is depleted and then, if the valor pool is not yet depleted, drops a +5 valor coin.

external image BTNThunderLizard.pngGodzilla

Godzilla is a unique boss, and may only spawn once in a game. He has a ranged splash attack, and an aura causing all nearby Power Armour units to lose energy rapidly. For the most part, Godzilla can be treated like an Abomination. Godzilla is resistant to Mind Slay, losing only one-third of it's current health. Killing Godzilla awards one extra skill point.

external image BTNPitLord.pngNemesis

Nemesis is the most powerful boss and only spawns in nightmare and extinction as the last objective. He is equipped with a Gatling Laser, and has an immense amount of health. His movement speed is fast and he has a multitude of abilities.

external image BTNFacelessOne.pngTyrant

The Tyrant is not actually a boss per se , but is nevertheless given as much respect as a regular Boss spawn. Tyrants are a punishment for not keeping the zombie population in check. Tyrants are mechanical units, have Nanites and Cluster Rockets, and reveal cloaked units in a large radius. Tyrants can also teleport right onto a player and have a tendency to interrupt a player filling a Reactor in this manner. There is no reward for killing a Tyrant.

sdfg.jpgMultiple Bosses

By Sage:

So, you're in Nightmare or Survival, and you just had two bosses spawn. It might be double Abom, or you might have a Super Mutant and a Horror to deal with. Double bosses are worse then one. Your tank has to tank double the damage for enough time to take one down, then yet again more damage as the team struggles to take down boss #2 (probably three to four times the damage, as the first boss will have taken a good deal of the team's burst potential). You're also going to have to deal with the synergy that each boss gives, namely, Horrors giving Super Mutants a damage bonus, Godzilla coming in with a Horror for a long drawn out fight, or any number of horrible combinations (Perhaps a double Commandos spawn).

This is really when you need to pull out all the stops. Claymores need to be layed to weaken your opponents prematurely (effective against commandos especially), drugs need to be used (stop hoarding them!), stims need to be used, and perhaps that soloer should come back to the group to help, and anything you're saving should be brought to bear. It's not quite this hard sometimes, but at other times, it's nasty, as you can get an additional boss spawned when the first two are still up.

Generally, take any two bosses, and combine the strategies for dealing with them. Remember that Abombs can explode, thus weakening a boss (if you take it down first), as well as the tank (if you position badly). Finally, Cyborgs yet again take the cake with this kind of a fight, as long as their energy stores hold out (but remember that this will probably hurt the Borg's Force Field, so it should only be done once or twice, to match the number of times a double boss might spawn, if you are somewhat lucky).