Advanced Technology Made Easy
This class of powerful items has no intelligence requirement. They are found in rooms with 1-3 metal crates and 0-2 wooden crates. There are also no ammo drops, and the wooden crates always contain Implants. There will always be one ATME per game; a second has a greater chance of appearing depending on difficulty (guaranteed in Insane+). The second ATME will never be the same as the first.

external image item-avatar.jpgTemporal Avatar

    • Temporal Avatar: Creates a time displaced version of the hero for 60-120 seconds. 120 second recharge.
There are four versions of this ATME. If there are less than four players in a game, a Temporal Avatar will be in the starting bunker with a number of charges such that the max number of charges plus the number of players is equal to 4 (e.g. a soloer gets a three-charge avatar). On EXT you do not receive any Avatars except if you find them in an ATME crate. A one-charge version can be found in an ATME crate. Having an avatar in the starting bunker does not interact with the normal spawning of ATMEs, except that it guarantees that the first ATME crate opened won't be an Avatar item. The free avatar item received at the begining of a low-man game cannot be sold or fused; the crate dropped version can be sold and fused.
It has a 120 recharge rate on its charges and lasts 60-120 seconds. Using a charge summons a ghost-looking version of your hero that follows you around and is completely unaffected by anything else in the game; i.e. it takes no damage, has no collision, can’t be buffed in any way, etc. It uses your weapon and shoots on its own while following you. Its damage is upgraded depending on the level of the user's weapon skill. Its damage is also influenced by the ammo level of your gun and also receives the Dragoon damage bonus if applicable. The avatar has 30 agility regardless of level, hero, or gun, but does get the hero's rank bonus to attack speed. The avatar's projectile has no friendly splash, making ideal for rocket launchers or assault riflers. Hero's avatars using a flamethrower do not receive the bounce effect, instead receiving 110 AoE splash. Sniper rifles cannot pierce but can crit.
This item can be fused with the LAD to give it the Temporal Avatar ability, but this is generally not done because it is harder to take full advantage of it when it is in the LAD's Z-Menu. In most cases, putting the avatar on a Rocket character is a good use of it. As long as the player that has a maxed weapon skill has the Avatar it will be effective. Players should also familiarize themselves with the Item-Drop Trick.

external image item-aegis.jpgAegis Vest

    • Aegis Vest: +25 armor and 20% chance to completely absorb an attack, including boss hits.
Armor is applied after nanites, so hits still drain energy. You cannot have more than 1 vest in your inventory. Cannot be integrated by Survivalist heroes.
Give this item to the tank in the party so as to maximize the armor of the tanks. However, if a Survivalist main tank has an MkIII vest and an back up tank can only use a regular Combat Vest, the Aegis should go to the back up tank. Fusing the Aegis Vest with the LAD gives a +25 bonus to armor, but does not give the chance to absorb an attack.

external image item-cyber.jpgCyber-Net

    • Cyber-Net: +20 Intelligence, +10% experience gain.
      Can be integrated permanently onto the hero. Will drop to the ground if hero dies even if integrated.
      Retains bonus to experience integrated. Several Neuro-Implants will come out of the crate containing the Cyber-Net, depending on the player count.
Allow a HO, Watchman, Mav, or sniper to hold it for the extra levels. Put the Cyber-Net on a Psychologist to improve his Mind Slay cooldown and his Mind Rot duration. Put it on a low-intelligence tank to give him access to better vests. Another beneficial use is to give it to a low intelligence hero so will be able to benefit from higher intelligence items such as Rapid Reloads or Design Plan items. When integrated, this is extremely useful for low-int Engineer heros.

external image item-drugrep.jpgDrug Replicator

    • Drug Replicator: Uses energy to create a drug, +500 Maximum energy, +33% Regen(+2eps).
All pill pouches in the game can carry an additional 15 drugs.
The Drug Rep can be used to create any amount of drug you want, as well as being used as a pill pouch. The Drug Rep is best used on a character with the Flower Child or Chem Reliant Traits, or high energy regen. You can create Buffouts for 50 energy, speeds for 160 energy, and a mentat for 250 energy. Created drugs are dropped on the ground as "drug coins" that can be used by any hero. Cannot hold this item and a pill pouch. Cannot be fused with the LAD.
Some parties pass around the Drug Replicator (DR) to share the benefits, but this can require a good deal of coordination and attention. If there is not an FC character, keeping this on a character who can benefit from as many drugs as possible is most useful, such as a Pyro or Tank. Putting on someone with high energy regen can create extra buffouts or speeds for the entire team.

external image item-efield.jpgEnergy Field

    • Energy Field: Aura (900 range), +33% Energy Regen(+2eps). Affects friendly units, including mechanical units, but excluding Returners from the Paradox ability.
Make sure this item is placed on a character that has an open inventory slot and stays near the party. The best character to hold this is Tactician, since he should not stray far from group. This item is prime for integrating into a LAD because the team can reap the benefits without costing any one person an item slot, but be careful not to lose the Energy Field this way.

external image item-megagen.jpgMegaGen™

    • Megagen™: +133% Regen(+8eps).
Usually this item should be given to a hero that consumes large amount of energy to do his job, such as Demo, Borg or Pyro. Heavy Ordinances can use this to quickly fill stacks of batteries for the party, but with max Power Grid the HO has +100eps and the +8 from the megagen would be more noticeable on another character. Pass this around filling a reactor so no one remains at low mana for long, but be sure to pass it directly to another player (not place it on the ground) so that someone is always using it.

The MegaGen can be fused with the LAD to give it +8 eps, but this is generally not the case unless you have created the LAD as a replacement main tank, and because the LAD does not have many energy-intensive skills.

external image item-solar.jpgSolar Battery

    • Solar Battery: Restores 500e on use.
      Recovers charges during the day up to a maximum of 12.
If the Solar Battery has filled up to twelve and it is still daytime, manually use the battery to take full advantage of the regen this item gives. Has the equivalent of 11.11 eps during one day, or 4.17 eps per day/night cycle.

In most cases, this item is given to the tank so that they may survive for extended periods of time. It also proves very useful for extending the use of the Cyborg's force field. The HO can use solar batts to fill normal batteries in order to spread advantage of this ATME around and maximize its utility. If the Solars are full, the Demo can use some of the charge to lay C4. Be sure to pass this around while filling a reactor, usually by placing it on the ground. Solar batts do charge while in locker or on the ground and give a message to the owner when they are full.

external image item-supercell.jpgSuperCell™

    • SuperCell™: +1500 Maximum energy, +33% Regen(+2eps).
This item can go to the tank to extend his energy supply, but in most large games, this item will go to the Demo to improve his use of BioChem or Watchman to increase surge and nano-infusion. The SuperCell can also be fused with the LAD to give it an equivalent bonus, but should generally only be fused with the LAD if you are using him as a replacement main tank.

external image item-psycho.jpgPsycho

    • Psycho: +400% attack speed, +25% movement speed. Effects last for 27 seconds.
      Starts with 4 charges (not 8) and requires 800e to refill to 3.
One of the most under-appreciated ATMEs. Give this to a character who can easily reach other heroes and has the energy regeneration to constantly refill it - typically Demos and Mavericks. Gadgeteer heroes do not receive an extra charge when refilling the Psycho. Chemistry does not provide a bonus to Psycho. Psycho can be applied to someone with rez sickness, unlike stims. Basically the Psycho is stim-like, but nothing that interacts with stims interacts with the Psycho.

external image item-zeal.jpgZeal-Mag

    • Zeal-Mag: +65% Attack Speed, +10% damage
Give this to a crowd control character that is always shooting to get the most benefit for most of the game. If this role is sufficiently covered, this item usually goes to a Watchman with high gun skill (his gun skill gives white damage which is increased by Zeal-Mag) or a Sniper (Crit gets applied after the extra damage from the Zeal-Mag). A controversial use of the ZealMag is to fuse it into a LAD. Because there are so few ways to increase the LAD's attack speed, whereas all other heroes can easily have their attack speed maxed through other means, it is said that the LAD gains the most benefit from ZealMag, and the LAD's Bozar weapon is the best overall weapon.

external image item-clothing.jpgClothing

    • Clothing: Pawn for 750 credits.
      1% chance that it will instead be a working Repair Droid.
This is not an ATME, but spawns in rooms with the same box-count as ATMEs and therefore is included here. It gets your hopes up but has no purpose other than to be sold, leading to the phrase, "The ATME is a lie."